RAFTING - The most popular trip for 10 years!

Thanks to clear, fast water with more than 50 beech and untouched natural environment, the ideal conditions were made for a superb and unforgettable experience on the Tara river - RAFTING

Descending by the boats across the wild river is a real challenge for adventurers and nature lovers.

Specially attractive relation is Brstanovica - Šćepan polje, in length of 17 km where you pass by twenty most attractive beech. One after another they’re rising, Gornji Brštanovički, Borovi, Varda, Ćelije, Gornji and Donji Vjerinovića buk then Uzlup, Žanj, Ljutnica, Krsmanov kamen, Gornji and Donji buk, Šipčanica...

The upper stream of river from the Šljivansko place through Radovan Luka to Brštanovice is a bit slower because of the smaller beech, but you’ll be amazed by the incredible beauty and wilderness of nature. In that part, waterfall Bajlovića sige is especially distinguished by its beauty.

The season starts in early May and lasts until mid-September. In May and June, the water level of the river is high, and because of this river is very fast and rafting is the most interesting. In July and August water level of river is lower, but the weather is warmer so there is far more swimming, sunbathing and various water entertainment.

This is unique, exciting and safe experience allowed for all between 4 and 104 years.