Descending down the river is done by professional rubber boats specially made for rafting. Camp Kalista owns 12 of these boats, which means that in most cases the number of people on the boat never exceeds 8. That is very important for a comfortable and safe descent.


Our boats are descending down Tara by skippers who know the wonders of the river perfectly. Besides they have long-standing experience, Kalista’s skippers are very likable and witty guys who know how to make our guests smile and have fun with them on the boat.

All participants receive a neoprene protection suit, a rescue belt, neoprene boots. Helmet and paddle are optional.

No previous experience is required for rafting!

Children older than 4 years can be boarded on boat accompanied by their parents only. In boat there are waterproof plastic bags in which you can put camera, dry clothes or some other things that you want to stay dry.

Camera is a must have!