CAMP - accommodation and entertainment

Our camp KALISTA is located on the bank of the Drina river in the Bastasi valley, 18 km from Foča and 5 km before Šćepan Polje (place where Tara and Piva meet).

It was created in 1998 and was the first established rafting camp, and therefore occupied the absolute and most beautiful position, touching the river itself.

It is located in a completely natural setting and represents ideal place for vacation.

There are 36 wooden houses with 2, 3 or 4 beds, pillows, linens, and if you feel extra cold, we also have sleeping bags. The twelve houses are equipped with a bathroom.

We are happy to meet your wishes, but if you want to choose a schedule in the houses you must register in time.

There can be up to 100 guests in camp at the same time.

Within the camp there is also a reception, a canteen with various types of cold drinks, kitchen that offers local specialties, a dining room with the river flowing underneath, sinks, 6 showers and 7 toilets, 4 for women and 3 for men.

On all fountains in the camp is pure spring water in sufficient quantities.


Almost every weekend the guests are entertained by the “live” music that very often plays without a break until late night hours or as long as our guest are in the mood for socializing.

In the center of the camp there is a volleyball court where very serious volleyball matches are often played.

If you are not a sports guy you can spent the afternoon at the beach below the terrace sunbathing and swimming in the Drina, and also sleep in the shade, gathering strength for the evening party.