Thanks to the unspoiled wild nature in the surrounding area, we are able to organize very interesting trips for hiking and mountaineering lovers. Near the camp are located mountains Zelengora, Vucevo, Ljubisnja, Durmitor… with dense forests, rocky peaks, pastures, mountain rivers, lakes and streams where civilization probably won’t come.

One of the few places in Europe where you can meet horses walking freely by mountain passes, drink cold water from many springs or watch eagles in their magnificent flight.


Maglic with 2386 m above the sea level is the highest peak in BiH, representing real challenge for every mountaineer. Nearby we also have Trnovacko Lake. One thing that stands out whit its unspoiled wilderness is the rainforest reserve Perucica. This is the only rainforest in Europe with 80 m high waterfall Skakavac, through witch you can walk 4-5 hours accompanied by guides only.


Nine mountain lakes on Zelengora represents real holiday for the eyes. You can spent hours hiking and mountaineering and in the end sleep by the lake in a tent with a camp fire far away from civilization.

Visiting cottages is particularly interesting where, in the same way as 100 years ago, the best quality cheese and kajmak are produced. Friendly hosts will gladly offer you to try their products.

The starting point for field trips is our Kalista camp where you’re coming the day before. These trips can be combined with one or two days of rafting. For groups of up to 5 people a trip is organized by our jeep, bigger groups go by vans.