Special attention is given to food. Our main chefs with hardworking helpers are making food in old fashioned way in our rural kitchen. Your meals are prepared right before serving, so that food is always fresh and warm.

Electric cookers, microwave ovens and similar supplies have nothing to look for in Kalista’s kitchen.

LUNCH AND DINNER ARE SERVED ON THE OVALS, NOT LIKE INDIVIDUAL PORTIONS so that everyone can eat as much as they want!


BREAKFAST: dry meat products, cheese, eggs, pastry, kajmak, honey, butter, yogurt, tea …

LUNCH: soup, lamb on the spit, chicken with potatoes and vegetables under the bell, veal under the bell, hunter’s goulash with several types of meat and mushrooms, salad, desert …

DINNER: mixed grill, tomato and onion salad, fresh trout fried on a plate with potato salad, pancakes…


By agreement, it is possible to make other meals than what’s on menu, depending on our guests wishes and possibilities of the camp.

People with special diets need to make an announcement when booking an arrangement. We will make every effort to respond to every request.

In the canteen, our waiters will serve you with cold juices, several types of beer, wild pear or apple rakija, high-quality red or white wines and a variety of foreign strong drinks.